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Advisory Board Workshops: 2005 | 2004

The Bio-Suit research is currently funded by the NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts (NIAC). Our Phase I and Phase II submissions to NIAC are shown below.

Phase II Bi-Monthly Reports to date


2005 Annual Meeting Presentation (3MB)

Phase II Final Report (1.3MB)

  • Dominant Factors in Space Suit Energetics
  • Simulating a Space Suit using a Lower Body Exoskeleton
  • Design and Construction of a Mechanical Counterpressure Elastic Binding Prototype
  • Testing Elastic Bindings MCP Prototype
  • Bio-Suit Patterning: Testing the Lines of Non-Extension
  • Bio-Suit Material Requirements
  • Technique for Measuring the Human Body Skin Strain During Locomotion
  • Human Body Skin Strain during Locomotion: Preliminary Results
  • Multi-Channel Lower Leg Prototype
  • Open Cell Foam Prototype

2004 Annual Meeting Presentation (3MB)

  • New Edema Assessment Technique
  • Construction and Validation of a Low-Pressure Leg Chamber
  • Traverse Planning for Planetary EVA
  • Human Body Shape Changes: Laser Scanning Results
  • Modeling and Testing of the One-Channel Hybrid MCP
  • Preliminary Considerations of the Lines of Non-Extension
  • Understanding and Modeling the Body: Laser Scanning and Analysis
  • Augmenting the Body & Countermeasures
  • Understanding the Body
  • Evaluating Material Technologies
  • Mechanical Counterpressure (MCP) Modeling
  • Mechanical Counterpressure (MCP) Exposure


NIAC Phase 1 Final Report (2.5MB)


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