MVL Meeting: Conor Cullinane (11/18, 1pm, 33-218)

November 14, 2016

NASA Risks, Standards, Requirements, and Handbooks: How The MVL (Like Commercial Space) Can Leverage NASA Expertise and Lessons Learned

Conor Cullinane, PhD Candidate
MEMP Bioastronautics Harvard-MIT Health Science & Technology (HST)

Abstract: There are a number of documents at NASA that are used to guide designs based on risks and past experience. These documents are publicly available and can be useful for our lab as we develop technologies. If we uphold the same standards and requirements that guide NASA designs, our work will be safer and more easily implemented. These documents were formed with past NASA successes and failures in mind, so they are also great insights into what considerations may have been missed by other competent engineers and scientists. We should be leveraging these resources to improve upon the quality fo our own work. We will discuss the NASA standards documents as well as the Human Integrated Design Handbook.