MVL Seminar: Ron Lang (9a, 11/15, 33-218)

November 9, 2017


Speaker:  Ron Lang, Chief Engineer Apollo Space Suit

Ron Lang, M.E., CCNY, 1955 will present a talk based on his experiences as the Systems Project Manager for United Technologies’ contribution to the Project Apollo Space suit and Backpack project.

Working with a cadre of engineers and physiologists in Connecticut, Cape Canaveral , and Houston, Ron directed the development of the space suit and portable life support system from 1962 through 1969.

He will discuss some of the various challenges associated with designing and developing a system to reliably provide life support in the hostile environment of space and the lunar surface.

This project was one small, but critical, component of the massive Apollo Project kicked of by President John F. Kennedy on May 21, 1961.