MVL Seminar: Ron Lang (9a, 11/15, 33-218) Thu, 11/09/2017


Speaker:  Ron Lang, Chief Engineer Apollo Space Suit

Ron Lang, M.E., CCNY, 1955 will present a talk based on his experiences as the Systems Project Manager for United Technologies’ contribution to the Project Apollo Space suit and Backpack...

MVL Meeting: Leia Stirling (9a, 11/8, 33-218) Fri, 11/03/2017

Continuation of the IMU discussion started by Tim's talk last week.

MVL Seminar: Tim McGrath (9a, 11/1, 33-218) Tue, 10/31/2017

Tim McGrath, MVL Graduate Student

Inertial Sensing for Biomechanics (and IROS 2017 debrief)

Current state-of-the-art human kinematic measurement involves a lab-based optical motion capture system, which can be cumbersome and expensive to use for general experiments...

MVL Seminar: Leia Stirling and Richard Fineman (9a, 10/25, 33-218) Fri, 10/20/2017

EVA Workshop Follow-up Discussion

Prof. Leia Stirling, Co-Director MVL

Richard Fineman, PhD Candidate, MEMP Bioastronautics , Harvard-MIT Health Science & Technology (HST)

MVL Meeting: Ashley Mateus/Jenny Bello (11a - 1p, 8/10, Marlar Laounge) Mon, 07/31/2017

Split meeting with two talks (Note the meeting will go 2 hours)

1. MVL alum Ashley Mateus will talk about their career path after graduation.

2. Jenny Bello, Teacher at West Roxbury Academy, will talk about "Introduction to electromyography-High School Biology"

MVL Meeting: MVL Education Outreach (9a, 7/12, 33-218) Wed, 07/05/2017

Discussion about Education Outreach.