MVL Meeting: First meeting of the term (2/15, 9a, 33-218) Tue, 02/14/2017

First MVL meeting of the term. Please attend!

MVL Meeting: Forrest Meyen & Matteo Seregni, Ph.D (12/16, 1pm, 33-218) Mon, 12/12/2016

Discoveries during an investigation of the solid oxide electrolysis cells for the Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment

Forrest Meyen
MVL, Ph.D. Candidate


Discoveries during an investigation of the solid oxide electrolysis...

MVL Seminar: Dr. Andrew Abercromby (12/9, 1pm, 33-218) Mon, 12/05/2016

Integrated EVA Human Research Plan

Dr. Andrew Abercromby

Multiple organizations within NASA as well as industry and academia fund and participate in research related to extravehicular activity (EVA). In October 2015, representatives of the...

MVL Seminar: Nils-Alexander Bury (11/17, 2pm, 33-116) Mon, 11/14/2016

Spatial Orientation in simulated and real weightlessness: Where is 'up'?

Nils-Alexander Bury
Institute of Physiology and Anatomy, German Sport University Cologne, Germany

Key words: egocentric, allocentric, gravicentric, spatial orientation, intuitive...

MVL Seminar: Giovanni Bertolini, Ph.D. (11/21, 4p, 33-206) Mon, 11/14/2016

Visual Reinforcement of Illusory Rotations during Centrifugation: A Novel Habituation Strategy to Motion Sickness

G. Bertolini1, J.E. Bos2, D. Bron3, T. Frett1, E. Groen2, R. Hemmersbach1, F.L. Wuyts4


Background: Artificial...

MVL Meeting: Conor Cullinane (11/18, 1pm, 33-218) Mon, 11/14/2016

NASA Risks, Standards, Requirements, and Handbooks: How The MVL (Like Commercial Space) Can Leverage NASA Expertise and Lessons Learned

Conor Cullinane, PhD Candidate
MEMP Bioastronautics Harvard-MIT Health Science & Technology (HST)


MVL Meeting: Chika Eke (11/4, 1pm, 33-218) Thu, 11/03/2016


IMU-based Agility Quantification


Chika Eke

MS Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Abstract: Human agility is typically defined as the ability to rapidly change velocity or direction in response to a stimulus. While...

MVL Meeting: Richard Fineman (10/21, 1pm, 33-218) Wed, 10/19/2016

Quantification and Visualization of Coordination during Non-Cyclic Upper Extremity Motion

Richard Fineman
PhD Candidate, MEMP Bioastronautics 
Harvard-MIT Health Science & Technology (HST)


There are many design...

MVL meeting: Roedolph Opperman (10/14, 1pm, 33-218) Tue, 10/11/2016

ACCESS (1G-Artifical Gravity Centrifuge Space Station in Cis-lunar Space): Concept and Operations

Roedolph Opperman, PhD Candidate, MVL

This presentation is on work performed by MIT's ACCESS team that culminated in a paper that was presented at AIAA Space 2016 last...

MVL Meeting: Carlos Goncalves (10/7, 1p, 33-218) Thu, 10/06/2016

TitleWearable Technology Impact: study through the development of a soft-orthotic device

Speaker:  Carlos Alves da Costa Goncalves, MIT Portugal Program


The goal of this work is...