NASA EMU - Robotic Technology

NASA's robotic space suit tester (RSST) is an anthropomorphic robot built by Sarcos, Inc. for space suit testing and is currently on loan to MIT. Named after ballerina Maria Tallchief for its graceful movements, the robot has 12 hydraulically actuated joints on its right side and 12 posable joints on its left side. The RSST can execute a preprogrammed series of moves while recording the position and torque at each actuated joint. Joint positions are measured by potentiometers and torques are measured by strain-gauge based load cells. All hydraulic lines and electrical cables enter the robot through a seal at the neck, allowing a space suit to be placed on the robot and pressurized. An additional, latching joint at the shoulder allows for space suit donning and doffing. Position and torque limits enforced in the robot's control software protect the space suit from damage.