MVL Seminar: Aleksandra Stankovic (9a, 11/29. 33-218)

November 27, 2017


Assessing Human Performance: Operational Metrics for Spaceflight Analogues


Aleksandra Stankovic, PhD
Experimental Psychologist and Aerospace Human Factors Engineer

Draper Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The isolated, remote, and extreme environments of future long-duration space exploration missions present novel challenges for operational planning.  Earthbound analogues for spaceflight provide effective test beds for the development and refinement of new operational protocols. However, the evaluation of procedural manipulations in the field relies on the adequate assessment of human performance. Well-defined metrics for human performance allow for the quantitative measurement of the effects of different operational conditions, as well as factors such as stress, fatigue, and workload, on task execution. This talk examines the challenges of measuring human performance naturalistically and in real-time, and presents recent findings from a study in an undersea space analogue environment (NEEMO) that investigated the effects of a Mars-like communication delay on the planning and execution of simulated astronaut extravehicular activity (EVA).