Biosuit - Press Coverage

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Mar 2014 Spacesuit future looks sleek, speedy and commercial
Jan 2014 Suit Up For Skinsuit ESA
Jan 2014 This Spacesuit for Exploring Mars is a Form-Fitting Math Problem Wired
Jan 2014 Astronaut 'Skinsuit' Could Soothe Zero-G Backaches in Space
Dec 2013 This New Form-Fitting Spacesuit Could Revolutionize How Astronauts Move In Space Business Insider
Dec 2013 This Silk Spiderman Spacesuit Could Take Astronauts To Mars Fast Co.Exist
Dec 2013 These Are The Futuristic (and hot) Space Suits Astronauts Could Wear On Mars GIGAOM.COM
Nov 2013 MIT Professor Has Created a Safer, Skin Tight Space Suit That Will Make It Easier to Work on Mars Space Industry News
Nov 2013 Building the Future Spacesuit
May 2013 As Work Begins on New Spacesuit, Researchers Look Further Ahead Space News
Feb 2013 Rassenga Stampa Dainese Airone Magazine
Nov 2012 The Deep-Space Suit Popular Science (magazine)
Jun 2012 NASA Exploration Education Grant Helena, MT
Dec 2011 Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration American Natural History Museum
Nov 2011 Where No Museum has ever gone Before New York Times
Jan 2010 Humans in Space MIT World
Jan 2010 Secret Life of Scientists NOVA Science Now
Nov 2009 Space Gear - The Next Generation American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
Aug 2009 2030-century Spacesuit in line with the Skin Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)
Aug 2009 In a Race Towards Mars with a Suit made in Italy The Sun 24 hours (Italy)
Aug 2009 Dainese and MIT: Dainese Looks to the Future with the Biosuit Planned for NASA TopFuel (Italy)
July 2009 Mars Made in Italy WIRED (Italy)
June 2009 What to Wear on Mars IEEE Spectrum
Oct 2008 Space Suit: The World's Smallest Spacecraft 2008 IDEAS Boston conference
May 2008 Metropolitan Museum exhibit: Superheroes - Fashion and Fantasy
May 2008 Dava Newman New England Journal of Aesthetic Research
Oct 2007 Time magazine's Best Innovations of 2007 TIME
Sep 2007 Aerospace Inspiration TIME
July 2007 Revolutionizing Outer Space Style TIME
July 2007 Slimming Down Future Spacesuits
July 2007 One giant leap for space fashion
July 2007 Future spacesuits to act like a second skin NewScientist
July 2007 One giant leap for space fashion: MIT team designs sleek, skintight spacesuit MIT News
Mar 2007 The Future channel
Mar 2007 NASA 360, featuring the BioSuit  

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Dec 2006 Dainese press release (in Italian) Dainese (PDF)
Feb 2006 Outerspace cat walk
Feb 2006 MIT Researchers Take Space Suit to Next Level
Oct 20 2005 This Suit is Made for Walking (on Mars) Christian Science Monitor
22 Sep 2005 The Power of Revolutionary Thinking: What today's scientists can teach you about driving innovation in your organization (Prof. Newman as a featured panelist) MIT Enterprise Forum
Sep 2005 Mission to Mars Men's Journal
Jun 2005 Space Suit Redux Technology Review
Jun 2005 Get Slinky at the Space Hotel Popular Science (PDF)
Jan 30 2005 Light and Hip-Hugging: the Next Thing in Space Suits Toronto Star
Jan 28 2005 MIT Boffins Moot Space Leotard The Register UK
Jan 26 2005 Astronaut's Second Skin - interview with Chris Carr Discovery Channel Canada: Daily Planet
Jan 26 2005 High-Tech Spacesuits Eyed for 'Extreme Exploration
Jan 26 2005 Bio-Spacesuits Eyed for 'Extreme Exploration
Jan 26 2005 Better Spacesuits Considered for Extreme Exploration USA Today
Jan 26 2005 High-Tech Spacesuits Eyed for 'Extreme Exploration Yahoo! News
Aug 27 2001 Spacesuits on Mars
Feb 16 2000 The Right Stuff for the Red Planet
Dec 2001 Shooting Star Boston Business Forward
Dec 2001 Not Your Grandmother's Old Age Metropolis Magazine
May 2001 Exploring the Cosmos: Prof. Newman Q&A MIT Alumni Association openDOOR
Aug 23 1999 The Osgood File: Dava Newman

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